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DEE WHY DELI, just A Few Products

Vegeta is a genuine universal food seasoning. Vegeta is the most famous Croatian product. It is an original blend of spices enhanced with several types of dried vegetables. Vegeta is a combination of culinary experience and healthy ingredients, and is a universal seasoning for all savoury dishes. From simple snacks to the most exquisite feasts, it always gives dishes a full and rich flavour. Vegeta also represents a kind of phenomenon since in just over four decades of its existence it has entered the kitchens of consumers in more than 30 countries world-wide, becoming an essential ingredient of every savoury dish. Our consumers know that cooking with Vegeta is a real pleasure because the taste of food prepared with Vegeta is unique and inimitable. It's the Cooking Icon of every family.

Cokolino Cereal flakes with chocolate and vitamins An already traditional children's treat of high-quality chocolate blended in healthy wheat grits will provide a unique pleasure. If you wish, you can add ground walnuts, raisins or whipped cream.


Cockta - Healthy Soft Drink

The mystery of a special Cockta flavour lies in the supplement of eleven different herbs. Its basic ingredient is a dog-rose berry offering its specific flavour. Its irresistible freshness is reached, however, by a drop of lemon and orange flavours.

Cockta is a beverage made of completely natural ingredients, suitable for seniors and juniors since it does not contain neither caffeine nor orthophosphoric acid (aggressive ingredient significant for cola drinks).

DonCafe is the most popular  coffee for Turkish Coffee style.

Try & Enjoy!


The best of Minas mixture.


By far the most famous chocolate is Bajadera which comes in the distinctive box with rays of gold and yellow. Bajadera come individually wrapped in foil with the same distinctive gold and yellow design. The top and bottom are a thin layer of milk chocolate; the middle layer is a creamy hazelnut filling.


Dorina Milk Chocolate

In 1911, KRAS was the first in Croatia and among the first in Europe to master the demanding technology necessary for chocolate manufacture. Nearly 90 years of tradition and constant advances in quality and manufacturing have made Kras chocolate an outstanding product. The newly designed packaging under the DORINA brand, represents a successful combination of tradition, masterful chocolate making and the finest quality.

Peppers Stuffed with Travnicki Sheep Cheese and Kajmak are imported from Travnik in Bosnia & Herzegovina. They are a true Bosnian Specialty. Travnik Cheese is one of the best Sheep Cheeses in it's class. It is a great salad addition to any meal.

Travnik Cheese is one of the best Cheeses in it's class.

Kajmak is the famous Balkan Spread made of milk. It is somewhat similar to cream cheese but taste is more filling.


Mikado Chocolate 250gr Mikado is a dark chocolate with puffed rice. Probably the most popular chocolate in Balkans.


Animal Kingdom For over 70 years, this thin and excellent children’s chocolate, with animal pictures and albums, has delighted children and taught them to animals.


Bosnian Lokum is a beautiful vanilla cookie that will melt in your mouth and a handful will not be enough!

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